1200m-Residential land-Str50m
1910m-Residential land-Str16m
1200m-Residential land-Str0m
1052m-Residential land-Str6m
2238m-Agriculture land-Str6m
2613m-Agriculture land-Str12m
41000m-Agriculture land-Str3m
3000m-Residential land-Str12m
728m-Commercial land-Str48m
10000m-Agriculture land-Str12m
1012m-Residential land-Str12m
621m-Residential land-Str10m
4350m-Agriculture land-Str6m
1087m-Residential land-Str14m
1006m-Residential land-Str12m
1032m-Residential land-Str12m
10000m-Residential land-Str14m
550m-Residential land-Str10m
957m-Residential land-Str20m
4106m-Commercial land-Str20m
621m-Residential land-Str20m
954m-Residential land-Str10m
1024m-Residential land-Str14m
1019m-Residential land-Str12m
500m-Residential land-Str16m
517m-Residential land-Str14m
751m-Residential land-Str12m
506m-Residential land-Str17m
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